Mr. Aimo (Ami) Hyvärinen                        CURRICULUM  VITAE  16.9.2020

tel. +358505164152
e-mail: aimo.hyvarinen(at)

Born: in Kemi, Northern Finland

Family: two boys, Tatu (2000) and Eino (2006), wife Irma Silvennoinen

Education: Film producer course, Tampere Univ. of Applied Sciences 2006-07, Jyväskylä University, MA in Digital Culture 2005-07, Journalism studies 2004-05, DVD and DigiTV production, Tampere Polytechnic 2000-01, Art Pedagogy, Helsinki University of Arts, 1992-95. Helsinki University of Arts/Kk, Photo Department 1976-81. Ateneum evening Art School 1975-76.

Professional career: Media artist, Media lecturer and Concept Lab wizard at JAMK University of Applied Sciences 2003-16, Media art -lecturer, Tampere School of Art and Communication 1991-96. Director of Photographic Centre Nykyaika Tampere 1990. Own media enterprise (HiQ visual oy) since 1988. Free lance film/video photographer since 1984. Photographer in diverse newspapers and museums 1980-83. Photographic Museum, Helsinki, secretary of exhibitions 1978. Kemi Art Museum, secretary of exhibitions 1974-75.

Speeches about film, photo- and media-art: Palacký University Olomouc 2013, St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts 2012, Finlandia University 2012, Viljandi Culture Academy 2010, Tartu Art School 2008, Kadir Has University, Istanbul 9.12.05, University of Turku 2001, Tampere Art & Comm. Polytech. 2000, University  of Jyväskylä 2004, 2000, University of Tampere 1995, Tarto University 1995, University of Industrial Arts Helsinki 1995, Trondheim Art Academy 1994, University  of Jyväskylä 1994, Suffolk College School of Art 1993, Tampere Short Film Festival 1992, Focus, International Seminar of Digital Photo 1992.

Workshops: Das Tietz, Chemnitz 2019, University of Pécs 2015, Petrozavodsk Art Museum 2012, Tartu Art School, Estonia 2008, Kanneljärvi Art School 2003, University of Tampere 1996-97, Lahti Media Institute 1988.

Positions of trust: Backlight2020 board 2018-2020, Boardmember in Photographic Center Nykyaika 2017-, EU Media programme evaluator (creative documentary and animation series) 2009-12, Pirkanmaa art council 2004-09, Visek 1997-2000, Sara Hildén Museum of Modern Art Board of Trustees, Tampere 1993-96, Arkitaideyhdistys, council 1989- 91. The curator of MUU-landscape Arthappening in Tallinn 1990 (Crossing Boundaries)., The Society of Photoart, council 1987. The Finnfoto Council 1978.

Memberships: European Documentary Network 2007-16, Dokumenttikilta (Documentary Guild) 2000- , The Union of Finnish Critics 1987-2011, the Union of Photographic Artists 1988-, MUU ry. (Association of New Media Artists) 1988-2000, Arkitaideyhdistys Nykyaika (the Association of "Everyday Art" - photography), 1988-. Photoarchive Gorilla 1988-2006. Tampere Artist´s Association 1992-. Av-Arkki (professional av-artist´s association) 1992-.


Crossing the Swamp, a journey into the art of Ilkka Juhani Takalo-Eskola, documentary video 28 min., premiere in Someron Kivimeijeri 23.6.2020

Art as Problematic Waste, documentary film with David Chapman, premiere 8.10.2019 in Tampere, videotriptych in Greenwich University Galleries, Project Space 7-17.3.2020, Turku Art Hall 4-27.10.2019 and in Tampere Laikku 7-30.10.2019.

Poetry´s Coming Home / Kotipihan kulttuurifestivaali -documentary about Annikki Poetry Festival 2003-2018, 66 min., 2K DCP and HD

Nykyajan huutolaiset, a documentary video and photo installation about unemployment. 20 min. 40 sec. 2017

Moments of a Walk with Pilgrims, a short documentary about parikrama, walking meditation in Middle India. 24 min HD 2016.

Martti Anttilan Intian valokuvista, a short documentary about Martti Anttila´s Indian photographs, only in finnish. 8 min.HD. 2015

The Bench, a shortfilm about Heikki Mäntymaas performances 2014, 7 min. 30 sec. Funding by Taike / Visek. Screened at Aave-festival, Helsinki, 10.4.2015

A-L Tampere, life of a fictional Tampere woman (1927-2004), videoinstallation for Aamulehti 130 years exhibition 5.11.-4.12.2011. Commission by Media Museum Rupriikki, based on Aamulehti photo archives.

The Spirit of Folk Music, documentary about Kaustinen and Viljandi Folk Music Festivals, main characters Antti and Esko Järvelä, Silver Sepp. 44 min. HDV, production company Amigosmedia, Jyväskylä 2011.

Päijännesymphony, musical documentary about lake Päijänne. Mediatuotanto Amigos oy, 2008, 56 minutes. Dvcam. English subtitles. YLE TV1 screening 1.1.2009.

Artists Head, portrait of Pekka Kainulainen. HiQ visual oy, 2008, 53 minutes, dvcam.

Kuvitelma totuudesta (View on Truth), a documentary about documentarism trough the photographer Jukka Male and his long lasting documentary projects in Poland and Balkan. Yle TV1 coproduction 2002. 49 minutes, master in DigiBeta.

Hillahulluus (Grazy about cloudberries), tv-documentary for TV2, shown in September 2001. 27 min. 2000.

Almost Swedes, documentary about Finns in Sweden, 52 min., TV2/SVT/Avek 1999

Kaaos ja kauneus (Chaos and Beauty), documentary film about Erkki Pirtolas videodiary 1997, 50 min. TV1/Avek

Spasmus, clay animation 1995 (16 mm). 3 min.

Money Talks, documentary video 1995. 14 min.

Savituli, a documentary video of artist Risto Hämäläinen 1994. TV2, 1994. 14 min.

Musicvideo Ennenvanhaan (Old Times) 1992. A musicvideo for children, Mikko Perkoilas music. TV2, 1993. 3 min.

Documentary of painter Olli Lyytikäinen's art 91 (producer/photographer). 16 mm. TV1, 1991. 40 min.

Photography - a way to subconscious 90, tv-essay. 16 mm. TV2, 1990. 30 min.

Wood, destiny of forest 88. 16 mm tv-documentary about forest. TV2, 1989. 10 min.

Basque Country, 1988 (with Vatanen and Rinnekangas). 16mm tv-documentary about Spanish Basques. TV2, 1989. 30 min.

Toward Pure Earth, (with Vatanen) 87. Documentary (16mm) of artist J. O. Mallander. TV2, 1988. 14 min.

Full Service, (with J Vatanen) 1987. Documentary film (16mm) about service stations in Finland. 14 min.


2019 Growing Pains, videowork for Tampere Dok -exhibitions, Dastietz, Chemnitz 7.-26.5., Galleria Nykyaika 6-28.7.
2016-17 Nykyajan huutolaiset, videoinstallation with 8 parts á 4-10 min. in Werstas The Finnish Labour Museum 6.5.-4.6.2017. Skiing v2. 2012, Money is crime 2009,  Divorce, dvd-installation 2004
Clay falling, dvd-installation 2004 (Kouvola Art Museum at Risto Hämäläinen´s exhibition)
Cloud meditation, videoloop installation 2003, Saimi and Veikko, - allways home 1998. Skiing, videoinstallation 1996. Money Crawl, videoinstallation 1995. On Fire 1994.Nowhere Man 1993. Money Talks (version 1) 1992. Sinä olet paska 1991 (videoart). I don't understand 1991, How to make a soul 1991 (videoart). Crossing Boundaries 1990 (documentary). Lost pearls 1989 (performance-documentary). Longing 1989 (art). Free day 1989 (art). Tallinn 1989 (documentary). Money 1987 (videoperformance). KiloArt I 1987 (documentary).

Also commercial videos and shortfilms.

Videos and films has been shown in different festivals in Finland and abroad (London, Tokyo, Osnabrück), also in television. Three of the films are in the collections of the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki.


Pro Healthy Life 2002, soviet dada 1999, HiQ visual ltd/Wsoy New Media, The Original Moominvalley, HiQ visual ltd, 1997. The House of Stories, Tampere Moominvalley, 1994 (StoryGroup).

Private exhibitions:

2019 Kukkapuska and The Bench in Pitkäniemi 4.3. - 28.4.

2018 Nykyajan huutolaiset, talk about unemloyment, videoinstallation at Galleria Huuto, Pikkujätkä, Helsinki 10.3.-1.4.2018

2017 Nykyajan huutolaiset, videoinstallation with 8 parts á 4-10 min. in Werstas The Finnish Labour Museum 6.5.-4.6.2017.

2015  Snow & Ice, photographs from Finland. Ellipsi restaurant, Tampere, 5.6.-29.7.

2013  Snow & Ice, photographs from Finland. Tampere-house Wintergarden, 4-31.1.

2012  Snow & Ice, photographs from Finland. Finlandia University Gallery, Hancock MI, USA 16.2. - 21.3. Galleria Emil Studio, Tampere 12.7.-15.8.

2007  Divorce -videoinstallation and Male Gaze photographs, Tampere-maja, Tarto, Estonia, June 2007

2005 Divorce -videoinstallation and Male Gaze photographs, Gallery Jangva, Helsinki 6-24.4. Jyväskylä Art Museum 8-27.2.05

2004  Divorce -videoinstallation and Male Gaze photographs, Vapriikki 11.11.04-9.1.05

2003 The Face of Time (together with sculptor Risto Hämäläinen), Laterna Magica, Helsinki, 28.2.-8.2., Tampere-talo 19.2.-16.3., Taitemia-gallery, Kuopio 3.4.-17.4.

2002 Tampere-house, "artist of the season" 1.7.-1.9.

2001 21years21images, years 1980-2000, Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Tampere, 4.10.-28.10.2001

2000 Soviet Fragments, digital prints at Cafe Camera, Helsinki 5.-29.9., Soviet Fragments, digital prints at Tampere Lenin Museum. 29.4.-18.6.2000

1999 Mummola, videoinstallation, Promenadigalleria, Hyvinkää 7.-24.1.1999

1998 10resor, Bildarkivet MIRA, Stockholm, 7-20.2.1998

1996 10reisi, Turku Photographic Centre Peri 4-28.4.96. Laterna Magica, Helsinki, July.

1995 10reisi, Estonian photos 1984-94, Tartu Artist´s Gallery, 1-29.4.95, Pärnu Chaplini Kunstikeskus 5-29.5.95, Kiek in de Kök, Tallinn, 4.6.-15.7.95 Tampere Photographic Centre Nykyaika, September

1994 Pubs, Helsinki Restaurant Museum 10.2.-10.4.94, The other side of the coin, Galleria Harmaja, Oulu, 5-27.3.94.

1993 Psykogenia, Galleria Picture, Turku, 23.3.-24.4.93. Europazierüng, Photographic Center Nykyaika, Tampere, 22.4.-16.5.93, Spinning Wheel -multivision, Tampere Railway station, 6-22.11.93

1991 Kaipuu (Longing), Lahti, BOUQUET -fotograms: Mikkeli Photographic Center 2/91, MUU- gallery, Helsinki 3/91, Tallinn, Estonia, Cinehouse (kinomaja) 5/91, Photographic Center Peri, Turku 6/91, Taidekammari -gallery, Alajärvi 8/91, Galleria Fotokram, Jyväskylä 11/91. En ymmärrä/I don't understand Kioskigalleria, Helsinki 11/91

1989 Kaipuu (Longing), Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Fotokrammi Gallery, Jyväskylä, Peri, Turku

1988 DOC, Finnfoto Gallery, Helsinki, Matka muuhun -book & exhibition in Tampere

1987 Eastern Streets, Helsinki, The Soul of a Man, Hippolyte Gallery, Helsinki, Young Lives document, Helsinki

1986 The Other Way,Oulu, Kemi, Eastern Streets, San Sebastian, Spain, Keminmaa -document, Keminmaa, Helsinki

1985 ON, Oulu, Keminmaa, Kangasniemi, The Other Way -document, Helsinki, Espoo, Hämeenlinna, Tampere

1984 ON , Old Studenthouse Gallery, Helsinki

1983 Akkunus, Preus Fotomuseum, Norway, People, Espoo

1982 Wandering, Old Studenthouse Gallery in Helsinki, Photo on Art, Iisalmi Kamera.

1981 Themes, Kuopio. Akkunus, Keminmaa.

1980 People, Keminmaa.

1979 Urban Photos, Helsinki.

Group exhibitions:

2020 Likellä pop-up exhibition, Galleria Nykyaika, Tampere, 6.6. - 29.6., Tampere Dok, Tamperemaja Gallery, Tartu, Estonia 26.8. - 20.9.

2019 Art as Problematic Waste, videotriptych with David Chapman, Turku and Tampere, October, Tampere Dok, Dastietz, Chemnitz 7.-26.5., Galleria Nykyaika 6-28.7. Tampere Jazz Art V, 1-3.11. Tampere Dok Pyynikintori 26.11. - 20.12. outdoor

2018 TreJazzArt IV, 2-4.11. Koivu ja tähti idän valossa, Rauma Art Museum 9.6.-16.9.

2016-18 Arjen kuvat, group project, at The Finnish Museum of Photography 7.2.–20.5.2018

2017 TreJazzArt III

2016 TreJazzArt II, 4-6.11.

2016 Läsnä on Galleria Emil, Tampere, 6.8. - 28.8.2016 (The Bench-video)

2016 The Bench, videoinstallation at Galleria Nykyaika, Tampere, 5-27.3.

2015 JazzTreArt -group (also curator) at Tampere Jazz Happening 30.10.-1.11.

2014 Aika+ -group, Galleria Koppelo, Tampere, 1-30.12.

2010 Artists Head, together with Pekka Kainulainen, Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art, TR1, 5.6. - 1.8.

2010 2.2.- 18.4. Photographers Nykyaika - Slow Motion, Voipaala Art Center

2009 Art on Streets , Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art project 15.9.09-14.9.2010,   Money, money, Raisio Art Museum Harkko, 12.6. - 13.9.2009

2008 Miniatyyri, Galleria Harmonia, Jyväskylä 20.11.-14.12.

2005  Family Portrait, Oulu Art Museum 16.9.-31.12., Miehen luonto (male nature), Imatra Art museum 7-29.10. Poleeni, Pieksämäki 2.3.-2.4.

2002-03 VIRNE, joke in finnish photoart, Mikkeli Photo Center 15.6.-1.9., Hämeenlinna Cultural Center 8.-29.9.

Kropp & Själ (Body & Soul), Nordic videoart 1.0, Röda Sten, Gothenburg, 1-10.2.2002

2000 Valonkantajat (2) at Museum Center Vapriikki Tampere 28.10.2000-1.1.2001. Ajatuksenlento "The Flought of Thoughts", 4.12.1999-17.1.2000, Keski-Suomi Art Museum, Jyväskylä

1999 Ajatuksenlento"The Flought of Thoughts", 4.12.1999-17.1.2000, Keski-Suomi Art Museum, Jyväskylä

1998 Neljäs kehä esittää (4th circle), Hyvinkää Artmuseum 1.-25.1.1998.Minun kuva-sinun kuva, Sara Hildén Modern Art Museum, Tampere 15.12.1997-5.4.1998.

1997 ALL+TAG, Tampere, Galleria Saskiat, February, Galeria Miejska, Wroclaw, Poland

10-25.3.97 , Mänttä Art Weeks 14.6.-30.8.1997, TTS Summer, Galleria Mältti, Tampere, Finland 80 Years, Photographic Center Peri, Turku, 6.12.1997-5.1.1998, Minun kuva-sinun kuva, Sara Hildén Modern Art Museum, Tampere 15.12.1997-5.4.1998.

1996 MAN AND WOMAN, Chaplin Art Center, 1.6.-30.8.96. VALOKUVA 96, Tampere 29.9.-27.10.96. ALL+TAG, Dresden, Galerie Kunst der Zeit, 11/96.

1995 ART-ACTION, Oslo, January 1995.   VUOSIA, Gallery Otso, Espoo, April 1995 Project Hall, Trondheim Art Academy, 5-15.10.95.   "Finnish history", Häme District Museum, 14.10.-7.11.95.

1994 NORTHERN REALITIES, Makedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessalonika, Greece, 12.2.-6.3.94.             NATURA LUMEN, Turku Castle, 10.4.-1.5.94.  VENUS, Pyrri, Savonlinna 25.6.-3.8.94

1993 SIIRTYMIÄ MUU-AIKAAN, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, February. MÄLTTI 10, Galleria Mältinranta 21.8.-12.9.93.   KOSKETUS, Temporaali Gallery, Joensuu Art Museum, 9.9.-3.10.93

1992 VALONKANTAJAT, photographic group exhibition in Tampere Museum of Modern Art, January. HORNET,   Galleri Pelin, Helsinki, June Kuopio Art Museum, October

1991 Utopias of MUU (= the other, something else), Tampere Modern Art Museum, summer

1990 Crossing Boundaries, Estonia (landscape art), Fotofinlandia -finalists, Finland-weeks in Charlottenburg, Copenhagen 90 (videoart)

1989 Psykogenia, Vantaa (installations, video and photos), MUU ry. Billnäs

1988 MUU ry. , Tallinn, Estonia, Northern pictures, Oulu and Murmansk, MUU ry. in Painter's Gallery, Helsinki, Wonderful Nature -group in Turku

1987 Auki -group, Old Studenhouse Gallery, Helsinki

1986 Ö-Group in Hungary

1985 Nordic Photo Art -tournée

1984 Finnish Art Now, Oslo, Henie Onstad Museum

1982 Four Hands -group, Kemi and Oulu Art Museums

1978 Ifo Scanbaltic XIII

Works in collections: Mediamuseum Rupriikki, Kuopio City Theater. Preus Fotomuseum, Horten, Norway. Photographic Museum, Helsinki. Amos Anderson Museum, Helsinki. Av-Arkki, Helsinki. Vantaa Town. Galleria Fotokram, Jyväskylä. Tampere Museum of Modern Art. Private collections.

Books: Maatunut muisto, poetry 2017, Mediapinta, Matka muuhun (Journey to Something Else) 1988, by KSL Books, Helsinki.

Published works: Diverse works has been published in Arsis, Valokuva magazine, Kameralehti, Musta Taide and Taidelehti. Articles about art and cinema has been published in many newspapers and magazines (from 1978). Independence 75 Years -videodisc, Heureka and Photographic Museum of Finland 1992.

Grants etc.: Avek matka-avustus 2020, Taike Pirkanmaa 2019, Avek, production funding (HiQ visual oy), Taike, media art 2018, Avek 2017, Taike Pirkanmaa 2016, Arjen kuvat 2016, Visek 2014, Arts Promotion Centre Finland 2014, Avek 2012, Pirkanmaa Art Council 2012, Alfred Kordelin Foundation 2011, State Council of Arts 2010, Finnish Film Foundation 2007, AVEK 2005, State Art Council 2005, Tampere City 2004, AVEK 2003, Avek 2002, State art council 2002, Pirkanmaa district 2002, Kulttuurirahasto (Foundations of Culture in Finland) 2001, Tampere City 2000, States copyright grant "Näyttökorvaus" 2000, Finnish-swedish Cultural Foundation 1999.Pirkanmaa district 1998. Kulttuurirahasto (Foundations of Culture in Finland) 1998. Avek 1997. AVEK 1996. Tampere City 1996. Häme district 1995. Häme district artcouncil grant 1991. AVEK, for a hypermedia synopsis 1991. AVEK grant for video studies in London 1990. Tampere City grant 1990. Kopiostogrant 1989. AVEK 1989. Publishing grant 1988. State halfyear grant 1988. SARV grant to Iceland 1988. State grant 1984. Norway-Finland grant 1983. Aktuell Fotografi, Sweden, II price 1983. Keminmaa grant 1979.